Sunday, June 14, 2015

Seeing the world in Miniature

That would be Miniature 13.  They recently launched a successful kickstarter, and they have been hard at work producing all the miniature since!

Here are two of the first miniatures, which were very nice casts!

You can see that having great concept art can lead to very nice figures to paint.

And here she is in miniature.  I made a base which I thought would continue the setting which was established by the sculpt itself.  I am going to paint her in these colors, which means we will have a very fun set of side by side images coming!!

It was very easy to get these figures assembled, which is always a plus.

And now a look at the other figure.  He is standing on a 40mm base.

You can even leave the cloak off the figure, so that you get to see all the work on the tail and back plates.

Another sculpt that will join the previous figures.  I love the lines on this!  There's a fantastic flow to the chest and arm details that will make them very easy to paint.

So, check out Miniature 13, and see what they are all about:


  1. Were those models photographed using the new Foldio lightbox? :)

    1. No... I won't get a chance to experiment with that until next week :-)

  2. I love what you have done with the bases, simple but very effective. I'm expecting a few of these as well and I'm very curious to see how yours are going to turn out. Are they a commision or for your private collection? Just asking as it may affect the colour scheme a bit :-).

    1. Thanks!

      I am doing these as a 'sample' for M13, as I have been doing a lot over the last few years for others. It's the best way to see new companies up close, and give them some publicity in the process.

      Since I really like the concept art, I will be trying to match that as closely as possible. In the case of Siren and some of the other new companies I'm working on, I am trying to go in a different direction.