Monday, June 15, 2015

Man on the run!

Or should I say Beastman.  Yet another in the Mierce Miniatures series.

I didn't realize that I was experimenting with a few different colors for skin tones, mostly due to the fact that I only used paint jars that were actually sitting in front of me ;-)

I don't recall any names of those colors off hand, but I can say that they were more saturated that what I have been using lately.  In fact, the yellows and the reds which I mixed together for the main base were pretty bright.

It was the use of the lighter seafoam greens which toned it all down, and kept it from getting too nuclear :-)


  1. I really like how you played with the tones of this fellow. Love the way the dark/light transistions and contrast just let your eyes play over the model. That axe is particularly nice!

    And jeez you are prolific. I don't visit for a few days and it feels like pages of posts :)

    1. Thanks! This is definitely a fun new flesh tone that I will use in the future! You would be horrified to see how many dozens of prepped minis there are around here.. with an equal number under way and still to be unpackaged. :-)