Monday, June 1, 2015

Converting your BONES

Having faced The Wraith in a few games of WWX with Rich, I was very curious to give him a try myself.  After reading the A Contract to Die For WWX novel, in which he has a prominent role, I thought it would be very fun.

At first we thought we'd just share Rich's Wraith figure, but then I realized that it might get confusing.

In the heat of the fight, we might each mistake it for our own, or in my case, shooting at it because I believe he's working for Rich's posse!

I had a Reaper BONES figure that looked quite similar to the Wraith figure, but distinct enough that it could not be mistaken for the original.  I did some conversion on him, adding a shotgun arm from Victoria Miniatures, as well as other pouches and grenades.  The armor pieces were sculpted on with green stuff.

I have some WIP shots somewhere, but I may save those for another post where I compare him to the original figure that I was trying to emulate.

Again, the idea here was to get something that looked unique enough from the actual WWX figure.  While I'd love a Wraith mini of my own to paint, I could all too easily see myself getting mixed up.

This will happen more as I begin to experiment with other factions besides the Lawmen.  They are going to play quite differently, which is what I look forward to the most!


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    1. Many thanks! It was a lot of fun... somewhere I have some WIP images. :-)