Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What do you mean you've run out of doggie treats?

Bow wow!  Today we have a CCLE-K9 from Wild West Exodus.

This is a Mercenary sidekick who can work with a variety of factions.  He's very fast, and he has some nasty choppers!  With 3 action points, things get very interesting when these hounds are on the loose.  Typically a two action point character ends up strolling into close combat, but has to wait until the next turn to start swinging for real.

These metal minions are certainly fast enough to arrive on the scene with one action point to spare... hitting you with his fangs or his claws.  Did I mention that you can set these rovers to explode?

Sure thing.  If you think they are about to be KO'd, run them into a crowd, and set them off.  TNT with feet!  And fangs.

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