Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The March of the Thralls

Today we have some group shots of the second set of Thralls.

As usual, seeing these things as a group for the first time is always a revelation.

While I perpetually work in an assembly line fashion, these guys were not done in one massive set of ten or twenty.  Work circumstances dictated otherwise, so there were times where I would complete three at a time, or two, or occasionally just one.

This had a lot to do with what colors were on the palette at the moment, and what other figures I was working on.  For instance, if I was glazing and shading golds, I would be sure to use some of that on these guys.  The same went for black.

If I happened to be doing red glow on a bunch of other figures, that's when I would do the same with the Thralls.  

Keeping the line moving in any way possible is essential to maximum efficiency!


  1. Stunning work as always! Your painting style rocks!

    1. Many thanks for the kind words! These little buggers were tricksy :-)