Saturday, May 16, 2015

The creature from the Black Lagoon

We return to the Black Lagoon to get a few more views of this colossal monster from Mierce Miniatures.

The side views showed much more of the skin colors, while these images let you see the armor from a different perspective.  You also see more of that pinkish color...

They really show that staining process that you saw in the work in progress images.

Also, I wanted you to see some of the water splashes.  On the Octopus man, it wasn't really needed.  On this figure, I thought that the water should splash over the rear foot in particular.

I did a number of layers using the clear Vallejo Water Effects Paste.  However, to get that foamy water splash, I had to mix in a tiny bit of opaque color..

You want to be very careful as you do this, mixing in less than you think you will need.  You can overwhelm the clear nature of the Water Effects Paste very easily.  This happened to me in another test.

A size comparison to a rather large beast in its own right.  That bear is standing on a 60mm base, and the character looks like a goblin riding a puppy.

There's one more set of images to come, and that is this guy side by side with the gigantic Octopus Man.  Even these massive backdrops could barely contain both of them!

Stay tuned...


  1. Looks a lot scarier than the original movie monster ;-). Brilliant!