Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mechanized warfare...

I thought that I would borrow the Basilica Canis as the setting for the complete army shots of the giant Mechanicus army!

The gates of the Basilica tower above even the mightiest of tanks...

The more I looked at it, the more appropriate it seemed to be as a backdrop.

The interior of the hippodrome was just large enough to contain the massive host.

The towers were even taller than I remembered, especially when I saw how tiny those huge Thanatars looked standing on the top of them!

Everything in the army is in some strategic location. Even the Thralls line the walls.

I was surprised that the second level was easily big enough to carry the Castellax.

You can see some of the Thralls peeking out from behind the columns.

The Myrmidons were spread out across all three levels.  Some closer views are coming as well!!!


  1. Already an amazing job, Adeptus Mechanicus !!

  2. I really dig that terrain piece. Did you build it?

    1. Yes indeed! If you look on the blog (searching through Adepticon tournaments, Dark Eldar, etc. you will see lots of posts showing how it was made! :-)

  3. The magnificent army. Really great look :-).