Sunday, May 24, 2015

Deal Me in!

It's been a while since you have seen some base designs, but that will be changing, starting now!

This is something I have never tried before, a nice little bar table with some booze, cards and chips.  The table was made from some left over Burn in Designs pieces.

The playing cards were cut from paper, while the bottle was carved from sculpey.

Both of the wooden platforms were also sculpted from sculpey clay.  The nice cut of meat is a GW ogre kingdoms bit.

It was tricky to get things scaled down to squeeze onto the base, but it was worth it.

The gambling table base is for a Reaper figure, which you will see during the week!  Stay tuned!


  1. Man you are absolutely crazy to paint all this cards. Especially the picture card. :O

    Impressive !!

    1. Thanks! Have you seen the Doc Holliday that I did a while back? That is probably more insane ;-)

  2. I like the way you color your wood--a lot of seemingly different colors. I have to admit that I did not like it when I first saw it.

    My question is do you paint it this way just for visual interest, i.e. so you won't have a mass of brown on the tabletop? Also, does it clash or get in the way making the miniatures the center of attention?

    1. There are a few reasons why I paint it that way. First, I am looking for more of an aged wood appearance, which typically means a little more greenish grey.

      This set of colors is also designed to contrast with the figures which will be going on top of them, which have a lot of brighter reds. Best example is the meat on the second base... which shows up a little more because of the greyish green contrasting with the more intense reds.