Thursday, May 7, 2015

Carpathian's Revenge, Part 1

After Jesse's failed attempt to secure the body of Billy the Kid for Carpathian, the evil genius decided to take matters into his own hands.  He was determined to secure not only Billy's corpse, but as many other recently departed as possible.

The assumption was that the Lawmen were ripe for the picking, as they suffered horrendous losses against Jesse.  Interceptors, Lawbots and more were destroyed in that titanic struggle.

Little did he know that new heroes had been brought to bolster the defenses of Wappelville!

A large contingent of Lawmen Rangers would define the term tenacity and courage under fire.  The Copelie Sisters and their deadly pets would also join in the fight, along with the famous Thomas Tate Tobin.

After the previous battle in the streets of Wappelville, Carpathian determined that speed would be essential.  Therefore, a mercenary buggy was added, which could get critical elements to various parts of town which the Ironhide could not reach due to its bulk.

The Lawmen would be deployed within the town confines.  They determined that securing the rail car (from Burn in Designs, of course!) would be vital to keep the Enlightened from crossing through town.  It was also feared that Carpathians's hideous creations might use the rail car to remove more corpses...

In addition, the rail car could cover the entrance into town.  You can see it's sight lines here.

It would require two Rangers to activate it, moving at 7 inches per activation.  Two more passengers could be carried.

Keeping the train line into town will be important so that the shipments of replacement Interceptors keep flowing!!

A large contingent of Rangers took positions in the Church, covering the graveyard.  They would be joined by Interceptors, a K9, Carl Fredrickson, and Thomas Tate Tobin.

Could Tobin prove his value as a sniper?  His influence alone was quite valuable.

Carpathian's minions attempted a more stealthy advance toward the graves, using the main entrance into town as the pathway for the vehicles.

Carpathian wanted to fool the Lawmen into believing that all the main effort would be spent going after Billy's body in the Undertaker's.

To add further protection against this action, the gyrocopter dropped a series of mines before the front entrance.  This move was anticipated by young Edison, and he had a deadly counter for this strategem in mind.

Watch out Clyde!!  That rail car's hot on your tail!!  Get off those dad-gum tracks...

The rail car did manage to peek through the gaps between the buldings, allowing the long range Rangers to get a few shots into the shambling abominations.

Their advance was undeterred, however.  Worse yet, large dust clouds indicated that much heavier units were speeding towards the Undertaker's establishment, where Billy and other 'fresh' resources could be found.

In our next episode, we shall see what dastardly plans Carpathian has for the good citizens of Wappelville!  Stay tuned...

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