Sunday, May 31, 2015

Carpathian Industries subsidiary in Wappelville?

Naturally, Carpathian's evil minions are drawn to the supplies of RJ-1027, in addition to all the other "raw materials" that are to be found in the cemetery and the Undertaker's.

Some of the terrain in this image is from Burn in Designs, as most of you already know.  I also made some of it myself, such as the charging stations and the power generator.

The view from above makes it appear that Creation 7 has some loading to do of those wagons!

Speaking of the Undertaker's we are back to the Final Slumber funeral parlor...

One of the Yi Sisters clearly had some business inside. 

As neat as it is to see the pictures of the finished miniatures, it's even more fun to view them in this context.  I love seeing them in terrain!

These are the same kind of scenes that play out in our games of Wild West Exodus, as you have seen in the battle reports.

At a certain point I will have my own Enlightened posse.  This will center around Eiffel and other constructs, as well as the Monocav.

The next Burn in Designs building that is getting its final details is the train station, as well as the Battle Train.  Those two kits together should make quite a scene!

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