Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can You Survive?

Let's combine a few fun things!  Zombicide, Reaper BONES minis, and some Secret Weapon barriers.

Do you think you can survive the Zombiepocalypse?

Disco Stu leads the way, jumpin' the Police Cruiser and "mowing the lawn"... cutting down zombies left and right!

For good measure, he would pop a cap in a zombie that managed to elude Stu's new ride.

This was the most zombie kills I have ever gotten in a game that didn't involve tossing a cocktail into a very crowded building!

It's very fun to have some of the painted minis out there, and a few of Mr. Justin's fabulous construction cones and jersey barriers really adds to the experience.

You might think it's looking bleak for Stu, but not to fear.  He can electric slide his way out of a bummer situation, and get that funky disco workin'!!!


  1. Hi James, I've started adding rubbish to my Zombicide bases & am impressed with your newspapers...did you make those? Or find them on the web. I've checked out the News of the World site & while there are tons of Aliens & Big foot related headlines, not seeing anything Zombiewise. Is this something you could share? Cheers

    1. Thanks! I painted all of these. I found exactly the same situation when I searched for newspaper headlines. I printed out a bunch of magazine covers...

    2. Hey again James, after my query to you, I tried a different approach to finding what I needed. Sure enough after googling Zombie Newspapers, I got some hits & some headlines, now to reduce them size!

    3. That's great! I will have to try the same thing!