Monday, May 4, 2015

Bringing down the shades

This Reaper Fire Giantess made an excellent candidate for one of my classes at Reapercon.
She was actually used for the shaded basecoat class, but let's check out some after basecoat glazing!
A few of the usual suspects come out...

As always, I try to mix a variety of deep color washes to use for the darks.

In this case, I was putting some darker tones on the hair, and shifting them a bit more to red.  This was something we did a LOT in the glazing class. Shifting and tinting...
The same sort of shifting and tinting goes on with the back of the armored cape, placing dark reds to match the proximity to the lava.

More structure is created with each dark glaze, getting down into all the hard to reach shadow areas.

The armor plates on the legs and the hair are developed more with each layer...

This development moves up through the torso, while I also begin to set up the framework for the lava reflections.  Standard use of Vallejo fluorescent paints as well!

Things are starting to take shape as I have created enough cooler dark shades to compliment the reflections.  I am also refining the skin tones.

A lot more work on the face, and highlights on the hair, making sure that those are more towards the cool side.  Let the lava be hot!

The hair is refined more with each layer.  Sometimes I had to go back and forth with adding more shadows, or adding more lights.

Ready to go!!!


  1. The result is stunning!
    You make it sound easy ;).

    1. Thanks! Hehe... it's always going to seem easier when you have been something for this many years. Scary amount when I think about it!

  2. Amazing. At the risk of sounding like a complete noob, what exactly do you mean by "shifting and tinting". I've not heard this expression before. Thanks!

    1. It means altering the colors a tiny bit, usually by a few subtle transparent glazes.

      An example would be making something more greenish by some green glazes. I took the reddish glaze and made the blonde hair a bit redder :-)

    2. Thanks, something I've been practising - and now I have a name for it! :)

    3. Yeah... I had to come up with something!!

  3. Is this the bones version? looks great either way...

  4. Amazing work with a great atmosphere. Base is outstanding and molten rock looks quite grandiose and very real. A little worried about the giantess over lava :-). Awesome paint indeed...