Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bending nature to your will

Thanks to the resourceful mind and generosity of Mr. Harber, there is a new building material in Wappelville.

He had a smorgasbord of mosses and bark.  Each one more unique and curious than the next!

I have no idea what I will do with most of these, or how I might have to treat them, etc.  As you know however, the fun is in the experimentation!

The moment I set eyes on this, I thought of placing an entire adventuring party marching across it.  I have been looking through my Reaper minis, as well as my collection of bark and tree branches.  

I might also paint a backdrop for this as well.  Leaving it as close to this original form is my goal, but one never knows how these things will turn out!

I may have to seal these somehow.  That might be through some form of spray sealer.  Again, I will try out a few things, and let you know how that works.

It is possible for natural things such as these to disintegrate over time.  At te very least, they may discolor, or even fade.

That will be a challenge to prevent, but I am not even sure that is so important.  I would only use this material early on for my own terrain pieces, or for my own miniature projects.

I'm still amazed that each of these moss mats could be pried from whatever surface they had been growing on without completely destroying them.

I can say that each of these items suffered some very rough treatment, and survived very much intact.

They had been shoved in plastic bags, into boxes, and shipped across the country and yet they stand before you.

So, go check out some rocks and such by you house, and see what's growing there!


  1. I think you can soak them in glycerin and they get pretty stable, but I haven't tried it myself.

    1. Thanks! I guess that's something I will need to test! :-)

  2. I have PVA + beach sand + acylic paint on some bases, then I glued some moss with PVA on top.
    It seems fine and green. Well alive.