Sunday, April 5, 2015

Perched on The Edge

We continue with the Grand Experiment!

This picture gives you an idea of what will be standing on this base... that lovely figure from Awaken Realms "The Edge" line of miniatures.

All of a sudden, that base and plinth looks a lot less huge. :-)

Ah ye, another favorite from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  These come in several sizes, which is fantastic for scaling up from space marine to dreadnought, or if you need to work in a larger scale all together, such as 54 or 75mm.

Shell casings placed.

I continued the broken blocks onto the edge of the plinth for a bit of aesthetics and to help lock the upper section in place!

Normally I would have brought out the oxide paste sooner, but for this experiment/demonstration, it flowed a little better.

As many of you know, I use the oxide paste to fill large gaps, and to strengthen parts of the base.  For instance, a lot of paste is applied to the underside of the overhang.  This will keep it from breaking or cracking.

The ballast and gravel add texture, and additional strength.  I have a number of articles in the basing section to show the pattern and sequence with which I apply the various sizes.

Here's that sneak peek at the miniature.  I am still working out color schemes for it.  

This is one of those pieces that will decide all those questions when paint is applied.  Many changes will likely be made throughout the shaded basecoat process.

Such ability to explore, alter, and rework is yet another attribute of the shaded basecoat technique.


  1. Loving the base James. Plus it looks a bit like delicious candy in the last photo, which is a plus coming from easter! Really excited to see how this project turns out!

    1. I like candy!! :-)

      I'm looking forward to painting the base... oh, and the mini too... ;-)

  2. Base looks really nice (not to mention about the miniature;-) ). Absolutely amazed us using glue top: -D. Great idea !!!

    1. Thanks! I tend to use all sorts of junk items for my bases :-)

    2. Yes, like the Tropicana orange juice lid. :) I have about a dozen of those in my lab, waiting for some grand experiment...

    3. It even had a use prior to this... I used it for paint water and cleaning brushes :-)