Saturday, April 4, 2015

Never run away...

Another Vestal from the Dark Eldar Army.

I also had a bit of fun with the base, playing around with color as much as anything else.

Since there were so many warm reddish colors on the figure itself, I experimented with lots of subdued greens on the metal surface of the upright ruined base structure.


  1. Hi wappellious, i am seeing a lot of your miniatures and found your blog thanks to the Raging Heroes Community, wanted to thank you and tell you to keep the good work. I am starting the painting miniatures hobby, so its nice to see some good work out there :)

    1. Hello! Thanks for the kind words, and for visiting the blog!

      I'm really anxious for the original KS from RH to arrive here, so that I can have lots of fun painting them! :-)