Friday, April 24, 2015

It's getting spooky in Wappelville

So self respecting town can do without an Undertaker's establishment, especially one that experiences bloodbaths on such a routine basis!

So, the Burn In Designs version will fulfill that requirement nicely.

The building was painted before it got some special treatment...

I will be putting wallpaper on a few of my buildings, including this one.  To make sure that no light color exposed wood would show through possible gaps, I filled in the corners and edges with black.

I found some incredible papers and textures, including a very creepy wallpaper!  It looks like that 1880's style, but the design is actually made of demon faces!  Excellent!

I also created a sign with some layers of wood texture, and some faded letters.

Here's the printed version.

I was glad to see that I had measured the sign correctly!

Now to apply the wallpaper.  I used some glue sticks, starting with the easy wall.

The window walls would be more involved, but everything seemed to line up just right.

Once all the walls were complete, I broke out the weathering powders to finish things off.  Stay tuned for the next episode!!


  1. That is fantastic! Really adds a ton of character to the terrain - nicely done!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Another post on this building tomorrow!

  2. Another marvelous job, and with a very different technique compared to your previous buildings.
    Interesting and nice find when it comes to the wallpaper. Very appropriate.

    1. Thanks! :-) I have been saving the wallpaper techniques for the last few buildings...