Friday, April 10, 2015

150 years ago... a very different time

A few years ago, Marty and I did the team tournament at Adepticon, using the Wretched Alliance of Appomattox as the theme.

His Iron Brigade 'Union' Dwarves had to ally themselves with my 'Confederate' Chaos Dwarfs.

I converted all sorts of miniatures for the army, including a scratch built vehicle.  These Bull Centaurs were chief among the conversions.  You can find a few articles on the construction here:

I have other articles on the Deathshrieker:

An article on the Dwarf unit:

I tried to match the way that Marty had sculpted and painted his Iron Brigade, which was a very unique project to say the least!

We had a TON of fun building the display board.

And yes, we dressed the part!!!


  1. Awesome group. I must say that the human (and Your) imagination is not limited by anything, and that the fantastic elements in games and in miniatures can be combined with anything, if one knows how to do it. Bull centaurs and rocket car are really amazing conversions. And great paintwork :-)