Sunday, March 1, 2015

Strength, Law and Statehood: The Lawmen of Wappelville

At long last, the Wild West kickstarter is LIVE!!!

Here's a link:

While more has been added since this photo shoot, I thought it was time to reveal the Lawmen of Wappelville as a posse!

It is really incredible to think that in addition to posses like this, I have my Warrior Nation, Holy Order of Man, and even Outlaws to build up as I have with these guys.  All of these existing factions will be getting new items via the kickstarter.

Better still, those 4 new factions that are emerging from the kickstarter will create just as many incredible opportunities for painting as my Lawmen have...

I really enjoy the synergies of the game, and how each miniature is tied into the next during a game.  This is a lot more fun than isolated figs doing their own thing on the tabletop.

I know that lots of fun new abilities are being planned for the new factions.  I can't wait to see them, in addition to all the fantastic minis coming our way!

Each of them will present something entirely different, but also be filled with a very solid back story.  This makes it much easier to come up with campaigns and themed fights.

Hopefully lots (or all!) of the stretch goals will be met.  I think lots of folks will join in and cast their lot with the weird West!!!!


  1. Do you intend to publish a paint guide or colour scheme for the Lawmen? I really love how your choice of palette helps create contrast between the RJ and their clothes.

    1. Since this is my own personal color scheme, and not the "official" one, it's mostly the "Wappel collection" :-)