Sunday, March 8, 2015

And now presenting the lovely couple...

At last, Marie Leveaux and her little pet!

These are some very fun members of the Confederate Rebellion, which is one of the 4 new factions being introduced by Wild West Exodus.

They really do make a great pair!!

Bands of RJ-1027 infuse the zombie snake with unnatural life and energy.

The Bayou will never be the same!!

I'm sure he's quite deadly.

Since everything about the Rebellion is hit and run, ambush, etc., I assume that he slithers around in the swamp and attacks out of nowhere!

I forget which stretch goal unlocks this cute couple, but I am certainly hoping to get there!!!


  1. That paint job on the snake is superb! The lass isn't bad herself...but the SNAKE!

    1. It's gonna be very fun to use these guys in our WWX games!!