Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Unexpected color mix experimentation

This very unassuming figure was the start of a new color mixture for me... in very unanticipated fashion!

I happened to run across a Reaper color that I brought back from Anne's Alchemy lab in the Reaper factory called Mint Green.

I was playing around with it on this figure, mixing it into a variety of other colors to see what would happen.  Most notably, I mixed it with Brown Liner and ended up with the colors of this horse!  Very neat!

Normally I mix a more subdued, warmer light green to create interesting gray colors, but the intensity of the Mint Green is quite interesting.  It's very nice when you mix it with brownish red, and that makes an interesting flesh tone.

Since then, I have used this color to make other grays on lots of additional figures.

This is not uncommon for me.  When you paint 70-140 a week, there are times when you just grab whatever color happens to be closer to you, or look for something  that is not the same old same old.

By closer, it could be just a matter of inches closer. :-)

Never be afraid to experiment!!!!!!!! 


  1. Awesome. I never would have thought to mix mint green with a brown to get a gray. Wish there was a store nearby that carried the Reaper colors.

    1. Thanks! There are many places that carry them online, such as FRP games.com, where you can get them at a discount. That's how I get most of min!