Thursday, February 5, 2015

The body snatchers invade Wappelville!

For all the angst (and violence) the Lawmen have caused in the burgeoning town of Wappelville, the citizenry would now see their oppressors as saviors.

News that the dastardly Dr. Carpathian was making his way towards the town in pursuit of RJ-1027 and the "raw materials" for his hideous new "creations" had the residents in a growing panic.

With the constant fighting between Jesse's Girls and the Lawmen, the ample supply of fresh corpses was just what the Doctor ordered!  Freshly dug graves littered the landscape outside of town, as well as the "Repository", where those who had been hanged at the Grand Gallows were disposed of.

Along with the rising body count, more and more shipments of RJ-1027 had been arriving in town.  Dr. Carpathian and his Enlightened had been selling this throughout the area, but were now in need of the substance to power the new animations which would be gleaned from the dead.

Here we see the dreaded, stinking hordes of Dr. Carpathian.  Constructs of all types and sizes shamble alongside his underbosses and sidekicks.

These by the way, were painted by Rich, who was getting a chance to try out his brand new posse for the first time!  Very cool!  Nice work Rich...

The Doctor is in.  He and his fearsome band of augmented life forms and the unliving would present the greatest challenge yet to the Lawmen of Wappelville.

For this onslaught, the Wyatt Earp brought in several new weapons, including the Copelie sisters (and their K-9 robot attack dogs), Carl Fredrickson, the massive Judgement heavy support, and some Interceptors.

Also appearing on the side of the Lawmen for the first time would be the Dark Council.  One of their members had observed the officers of the Law closely during his brief association with the Outlaws... once they had been driven out of town, he reported that the Lawmen could benefit far more from their watchful gaze.

Wyatt even persuaded he brother Virgil to join the struggle.  This would be a fight like no other, as brothers and sisters would stand side by side to cast out the abominations of Carpathian!

The Enlightened would be approaching from the more rebellious quarter of the town, headquartering in Miss Fannie's House of Horizontal Refreshment.

Wyatt would direct his Lawmen personally, headed right out from the Jailhouse in the opposite quarter.

This time, Wyatt and his brother would march right down the main street of Wappelville to make sure the primary power station and it's vast supply of RJ-1027 would not fall into the enemy's hands.

Can the town of Wappelville be saved?  Will the dead rise again to claim more of the living?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!!


  1. Very excited to see how this will turn out!

  2. I like the rich story behind the battle, and how you bring all your battle together. Nice.

    1. Thanks! All that story element really adds to the experience! :-)

  3. Looking forward to reading the outcome of this fight.

    1. Just a few more hours until Episode Two!

  4. Lovely looking miniatures & games table. What more could a gamer want, than maybe lucky dice!

    1. Yes, the lucky dice are usually absent... replaced by the evil Alternate Universe dice that roll only ones!!!