Monday, February 16, 2015

Concept to cast... Miniature 13 begins

Here's something fun for you.  It's a new company diving into the sci-fi realm with some interesting miniatures!  They might be finding their way to this house of madness soon. :-)

It has been many years since I have painted any sci-fi minis which were not GW, so this seemed like it would be a lot of fun for me!  These might be just the figures for some of the Alien Temple Secret Weapon bases!

I liked these shots, which showed the concept art, the render, and the cast.

As we all know, a lot can happen during these three processes.  In particular, from render to cast, as you better get yourself a very good initial master print :-)

These are the two early characters.  They have glowing stuff... me happy :-)

Elegant posing here means that I have a chance to create some very interesting bases.

Hit tech and grim dark.  Yes.

And now for the size comparison...

This exclusive should be fun as well!!!!!

The link:

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