Tuesday, February 17, 2015

As darkness falls...

All right!  It's time to shade and tint these huge bases!  So, we deploy our Secret Weapons...

The colors are placed on the palette just as if they were regular paints.  There will be a lot of mixing, both here and on the bases themselves.

As you have seen me do before, I am working "watercolor style", the negative spaces around the areas which I want to have lighter.  You can see how much this brings out that shape!

As I moved around those dark areas, I made sure to change the colors that I was placing, allowing them to mix together on the base.  For the most part, this whole area had glazes which were warmer.

The same process will happen on this base, with the exception that the warmer colors will be used on the rocks more than the other base (which is another one that will be splashed with water).

The blue/black mix I am using on the rocky areas is watered down, and even dabbed away with a paper towel here and there.

Back to the other base, to put some warmer darks on the skulls...

Things are starting to take shape.  I am already starting to mix regular dark paint colors into these glazes, such as Reaper Brown Liner, to make them more opaque.

This is for areas that I want to be very dark.  However, since there is some wash mixed in, they are still slightly transparent.  I can still wipe away the excess when necessary.

With the primary sections of the base finished, I had to work on the ruined Fire Bringer.  The main goal for the color scheme on that was to create a grey that was different from the rocks.  I was using that seafoam green with some very light elf flesh in places.

It was weathered in the same way that I have done on things like the Flame Truck.  I have another WIP series coming up that will show that process once again.  Stay tuned for that!

Hey, I could even put my hapless victim (or foolish hero) on the base (I painted him separately).

More details will be added, such as tufts, etc., as well as many layers of water effects on the other base.

Guess what... stay tuned for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks great... I recognize the Secret Weapon bottles in the second picture, but who makes the other bottles with the black label?

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. Do they behave differently than the SW washes or where they just what you had on the shelf?

    2. They are different from the Secret Weapon washes (thicker in consistency). I tend to mix the two together... it makes the secret weapon washes less shiny.

  3. „I tend to mix the two together... it makes the secret weapon washes less shiny.”
    The Secret Weapon washes are shiny?
    They can be seen on nearly every picture of your (great!!!) Basing-Projects .
    But there is no shine on your bases.
    How do you avoid that shine normally when you are not mixing them with the Vallejo washes?
    I have been thinking about buying some Secret Weapon washes, because I really like the results you achieve with them. But of course I would not want them to shine!
    I would be grateful to you for any tip!
    Thank you for inspiring me every day anew.

    1. You can also use brush on dullcoate...

      However, I almost always use the secret Weapon washes with other things, as that's how my technique is constructed :-)