Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A doggie and a buggy

Here's a few more views of the Wild West Exodus Mercenary Sand Buggy, this time putting it in more context next to other figures.

The Sand Buggy is the Adepticon special miniature, limited to 300.  I believe a few are still available for purchase.  If you register for Adepticon, you can purchase it from the web store.  There might be some available at Adepticon itself...

The Sand Buggy is a light support, along the same lines as the Interceptor or Iron Horse.

Light support choices are some of my favorites in the Wild West Exodus game.  When you have a number of light support vehicles on the board, the game takes on a whole new dimension... fast, furious and lethal!

A little more context for you, as I team up the Mercenary Sand Buggie with the Copelie Sisters, Interceptors, and the massive Judgement Heavy Support of the Lawmen.

Light support choices such as this have a variety of "fighting halos"... some can even perform ride by attacks.

I got one for myself, to add to my growing Mercenary collection.  The mercenaries are an interesting and unique way to change your posse dramatically.  These hired guns can provide a little help in areas where your posse needs a boost, or change the entire theme!

The kickstarter for Wild West Exodus looms large... it's just 13 days away!!!  Wow!

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