Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The many shades of gray

Fun color time!

While I was painting miniatures from 5 different companies (and 5 different genres), I had a few colors out on the palette that I thought could make an interesting horse color.

I wanted to have a very dark brown horse, but to also make it slightly different from the myriad of previously painted browns.

I had a muted, darker flesh tone and some black sitting there, and I mixed them together to see what I had.  This mixing of various colors with black is pretty common for me.  Mixing cyan, purple, green, etc,, with black yields some incredible gray combinations!  Very handy for NMM, to say the least!!

In this case, I wanted the hooves, tail and mane to be as dark as possible.

Mixing that flesh color with the black gave me a war grayish brown, and I loved it right away.

I had been using that color on a Mechanicum heavy transport, as well as western figures, Mierce miniatures, Privateer Press miniatures, Reaper minis, Secret Weapon minis, and probably a few others that I am leaving out.  Oh... Memoir '44!

It's been very interesting painting such a vast array of topics all at once.  This really keeps thing fresh, especially when the painting day begins at 7am and goes until 3-4 am the following day.


  1. Lovely painting James!
    You really should treat yourself to some more sleep mate :-)

    1. Thanks! Man, would I love that!!! Unfortunately, the mortgage company, insurance, Feds, State, and others say nein... :-(

  2. sleep is for the weak! Keep painting :-)

    great work again, when are the group shots coming?

    1. There's already some group shots of the first dozen or so :-) It will be a little while before the overall group shots, as I have to work my way through the individual photos first!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I have a few other types of horses that might be fun with this color set!