Saturday, January 24, 2015

Making the impossible bossible

Yes indeed!  The impossible made possible in front of my very astonished eyes!

You have seen a number of "unboxing" posts from a variety of fantastic miniature companies that are making this a real Golden Age of Miniature Painting... Secret Weapon, Dark Sword, Reaper and many more.

I have been amazed at what Justin, Lathan, Jim and so many others have been able to accomplish with some of the technologies available now.

Once I opened up this package from Sukubus Studios, I knew that I could be in for something special!  They recently ran an Indegogo campaign, and with that completed, they are forging ahead on post campaign projects!

Check this out :-)  Miniatures, like life, are a like box of chocolates...

The packaging gets even more amazing.

Inside... my goodness, we haven't even gotten to the miniatures yet!

Fun stuff... what might be unveiled next?

Believe it, folks.  This is right out of the box.  I did nothing to these, except set them on the photo backdrop.  No clipping, assembly, cutting, etc., of ANY KIND.

Wow.  All one piece, no crazy lines, perfectly designed to make my hobby life a whole lot easier.

Oh yeah, and the sculpts are mighty nifty as well!


Now let's get to those action packed minis.  Each player is a unique pose.

The detail is astonishing, which is not always the case with one piece castings.  Minute little touches are all there, which will be even more apparent once they have paint on them!

A nice variety between the poses mean that it will be even easier to distinguish each player in a scrum.  Any numbers on the bases can easily be obscured, so it's quite nice to know right away who might have that +1 stat increase. :-)

Extra arms, anyone?

I think these one piece poses will also stand up to the rigors of Blood Bowl very well.

I salute the ingenuity and creativity of the artists of Sukubus Studio.  You rock!

There you have it, folks.

Here is their website:


  1. Thx for showing. I'm so ready to get these minis in my hands after reading this here:-)

    1. I am still so amazed that they are one piece casts, with so much action and detail!

  2. These look amazing. Shame I missed the crowdfunder. But on the other hand, you rarely know what quality you are going to receive when backing.

    1. More and more of the new companies are doing resin ten time better than a certain old company... looks menacingly at FW ;-)

  3. Those look awesome. I can't wait to see them painted.

    1. I may even have to build a stadium for them :-)

  4. These look amazing! I too can't wait to see how you paint them. Will you be going with the box colors or something different?

    1. I thought it would be best to go with the box colors, since that would make a very interesting set of images :-)

  5. really nice to see lots of unique sculpts rather than rehashes of similar models.

    These guys have really put some effort in, both in the models themselves but also in the style and packaging of the whole things.

    Looking forward to your paint job on these :-)

    1. I think these will be the kinds of miniatures that practically paint themselves. That's the sign or great all around workmanship... concept, sculpting, and casting!