Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ground Pounders

Back to the foot versions of the Easterling Cavalry!

This is a substitute for the banner bearer for the moment.  I have a much more accurate one on the way...

Here are a few representations of the unit Captain...

And now for some more views of the Sorcerer...

Beware the Eye!

That was one of the things about the Easterlings that I thought would be interesting.  They are "True Believers", following Sauron willingly... not through fear.

For this reason, they are rewarded with the best weapons and armor.  They are more than a match for any Gondor pushover, which they proved quite often!

This would be the foot version of the command staff.

A little comparison with the cavalry versions...

And now with some 'regular' infantry.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Lovely .. Although i much prefer them mounted (as Persians should be :)

    1. Thanks! I prefer them mounted as well... but they cost a lot of points! When you have numbers that are too low, those courage tests will start coming way too fast! :-)