Sunday, January 4, 2015

Expending lots of energy

For some reason, these are among my favorite Wild West Exodus minis.  I believe there are 3 different poses of the Warrior Nation Energy Beast.

The concept behind them is that they are creatures that channel energy from the Great Spirit, becoming monstrously strong and fierce.  They sacrifice themselves in the process, as this energy also destroys their bodies.

The Warrior Nation also sport bows which channel that same energy.  It gives them the very valuable Spirit Aim, which I intend to make great use of!

The incredible speed of these creatures allows them to fill a variety of roles.  I intend to have as many of these as possible in my Warrior Nation force as part of my Speed and Violence group (an homage to Marty's old Chaos fantasy army).

They will be hooked up with the Great Elk and other beasties, clearing out some of the chaff with the ability to shoot and scoot.

Once I heard that these beasts get a free 8 inch move at the start of every activation, I knew that the Spirit Aim would be all the more valuable.  They can also contribute something in close combat, as they could potentially stay with the Great Eagle, and prevent him from being overwhelmed by masses of Hired Hands.


  1. One of your best. Great object source lighting. I am trying your techniques. Thanks for the post!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! The next few Energy Beasts will be very fun to paint!