Friday, December 26, 2014

An old friend...

Here's an old buddy of mine.  This was the very first dreadnought that I scratch sculpted.  In fact, it was the first dreadnought I ever painted!

Ultimately, I ended up scratch building at least six.  I learned how to make the process go much more smoothly :-)  The latter versions were sculpted from extra firm sculpey, baked in pieces and then glued together afterward.

This was the original post, which shows how I made this first version, and some drawings for a future sculpt:

This was used in a number of games.  I remember using it in the warpgate scenario that we played out over 4 games, and the Defend the Factorum scenario which we also created.

So lots of fun with this guy.

And his own little buddies.


  1. I will have to see about getting myself some of that Sculpey - spectacular detail there!

    1. It's very fun stuff! You can find dozens of articles about sculpey on the blog!