Friday, December 12, 2014

A plague of Locusts!

Here we have one of the "heaviest" Light Supports in the Wild West Exodus game.

This is the Locust, and it is part of the Union faction.  What really separates it from the other light supports, such as Interceptors, Energy Beasts and so on, is that it can survive being out in the open (very high armor), and even dish out some nastiness with a ram attack.

Normally, you are shootin' and scootin' with a typical light support.  Not so with the Locust, as it is just too slow for such tactics.

However, this can be a mobile piece of terrain, which can not only cover some advancing hired hands with its large profile, but also keep some heads down with a flurry of firepower!

I had to keep reminding myself as I was painting this that it was a floating Light Support vehicle!  There were many times where I felt like I was painting a Doomsday or Judgement. :-)

However, I am sure my opinion will change as I get into painting those!!

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