Sunday, November 30, 2014

We are the Champions

This friggin' HUGE rhino is courtesy of Mierce Miniatures.  He towers over his 60mm base!

It was fun to balance the various shades of gray... the fur, weapon, armor, etc.  You get to add lots of little color variations in there.  A bit more green in one place, more reddish in another.

I tried to use a few different purple mixes in the non-fur covered sections.  I took a seafoam green and mixed that with purple and also with a red to create a few of those shades.  What's nice about those colors is that they stand out from some of the more neutral grays, but not too much.

I will try to get some shots of this guy with more 'regular' sized figures, so you get an idea of how massive these big guys are.


  1. Spot on work with the eye, I got drawn to it the moment I beheld the mini. I'm planning a similar approach with the various "eyed" minis I got, striking color scheme to put the viewer off balance. Like it.

    1. Excellent! It's fun when great mimes think alike ;-)