Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Now this dude looks harmful!

Monsters from Mierce Miniatures once again.  This guy looks particularly nasty!!

The textures on this figure were the most fun to paint of the rhino series.

Two more on the way, including a standard baring rhino!!!


  1. The beasts look beautiful! All the subtle transitions between the various greys are a real treat, something that I have been slowly learning to appreciate much thanks to you :)

    A question related to your work, if I may? I've been following your blog for more than a year now and I see that you like to post WIP stages of various model projects. Are you just posting these updates that way to keep it more interesting for us readers, or are you painting that way - several projects at once?

    The reason I ask is that right now I'm working on commission painting as well, and while I'm nowhere near your level, I get enough folks wanting me to paint their stuff to get by. It is somewhat draining, however, and I've been getting fatigued very quickly. What has been your experience with this when you started out? Should I work on several projects at the same time rather than focusing on them one by one from start to finish? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words!!

      I have at least 15-20 projects under way at any one time. There are a variety of reasons. You have to maintain a 'multiple buyer' base in case they run into sudden financial difficulties (which has happened), and the buyers are not as likely to wait for you to finish one whole job before you ever get to theirs.

      As you also know, I try to keep a variety of tasks available given my own work circumstances. Sometimes all I can do is prep things, and that's when I can keep those portions of a project going, etc...

    2. Wow, 15 - 20 projects under way at a time? That's a lot! I get what you mean about the "multiple buyer" base, can't tell when folks have an emergency and would require their money to go there, rather than beautiful minatures. All in all, this sounds very efficient, then! Thank you for the response, I will have to try and increase my productivity!

    3. Yes indeed! It's all about the manufacturing process. :-) It really does keep the kine moving!!!