Monday, November 10, 2014

Not a wash out

You have seen me do lots of glazing here, but I happened to snap some images from the other day.

Usually, I have a vast collection of figures on which I am doing the Shaded Basecoat part of my technique.  This will run through a number of projects all at once.

As with all other phases, I like to have many items that are ready for glazing, because I use the same ones anyway!  I do lots of mixing of the glaze colors.

Here we have some Secret Weapon washes...

With these big rhino characters, the most important thing while glazing was to get a wide variety of subtle color changes in the darks which I was adding.

In this case, you see me not just working darker, but adding blue so that the browns are also more cool in tone.

On this side, you are seeing more tan and amber, so these glazes are 'warmer' in temperature.

In classic watercolor fashion, I am painting the 'negative space' around things such as the armor.  I am working on darkening and tinting the fur at this point.

I also like to let the glazes blend on the figure as well.  I am letting the flesh colored wash bleed into the greenish browns.

You can see what a difference the glazes can make!

Another example of a piece that is just been through the Shaded Basecoat phase.

This figure will be the opposite of the previous rhino, as I use the cooler colors on the face and other surfaces.

However, where I want the metal to stand out more, that is an area where the browns will have more yellow or red mixed in to provide that 'temperature contrast'.

Wide varieties to the glaze colors...

Leads to more interesting darks!

You can see how the armor plate stands out much more now with the surrounding glazes in place.

Working my way down towards the feet, as I want gravity to work with me here! :-)

I even use a bit of Amethyst glaze on the face and hands for a tad more interest.

I also did glazes on the armor and weapons, as well as some weathering.

More to come! Stay tuned.


  1. A very interesting tutorial, I have to try this out sometime. Thanks a lot!

    1. Glazing is fun! The shaded basecoat and glazing videos really display how these techniques work...

  2. Beautiful work. Nice to see the stages.

    1. Thanks! I try to take as many of these in progress pics as possible!