Monday, November 17, 2014

Keeping the trains on time

We return to the Wappelville train station from Burn In Designs.

The original station of 50 years ago was white with green trim, so this one would be as well!

I had to do the window and door trim first, which was unusual.  Normally I would paint that the other way around, but there were many textures to deal with.

Also, I wanted to do the window trim while the interior was still wet.  This way I could take a brush and blend in any over bleed.

I mixed a deep green and a dark brown for these initial layers.

I also used a brown and gray mix on the roof panels.

The green trim areas are pretty much set!

The outer walls were done using an off white mixed with a few different brown colors.  Keep in mind, there will be posters and then weathering powders added once all this is set!

Lighter greens were added on the upper surfaces of the trim panels...

Did I mention posters?

I did a few searches, and found lots of fun stuff!

Some of these posters will be used on other buildings, such as the general store, the hotel, and so on.

I was very glad to find the SouthSide rails well as the maps.  Those are going on the interior.

A little close up on some of the posters...

Printed out, and ready to glue in place!


  1. WOW very cool find on the vintage posters! Do you have links to the site you found them on? They will work wonders for Steampunk!

    1. each one of those seemed to be from a different site. I don't have any links, but the search parameter was 1800's train posters and maps! :-)

    2. Excellent, thanks! I will do some sleuthing!

    3. It was very easy! Each one seemed better than the next!