Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Good Word

With the first test fight out of the way, we set down to a second matchup between the Lawmen and the Outlaws.

We each made slightly different lists.  Rich took a different boss, and a Dark Council.  Yay... Outlaws with even MORE influence!

Here's my force... Wyatt, Deputy Berenger, the Interceptor, some hired hands, and so on.  I really wanted to make better use of the Interceptor this game, as well as Wyatt!

I tried to do the Forward Echelon thing, but that is really not all that helpful, at least with my style.  I prefer to create more angles against the opponent, and FE wants to put you all in one big mob.

With only 3 possible activations per round, it is even more difficult to keep that up.

Here's the board, with the Outlaws on the left.

The Lawmen advance through the streets of Wappelville.

In this game,  I was going to try to stay out of buildings, based on what happened in that first test match.  The Outlaws blew up the buildings with me inside... so that was not gonna happen again!

These buildings were already ruins, so I figured they would be safer :-)

Speaking of blowing things up... remember that big water tower?  This is what it looked like after a shot from Deputy Berenger!  The heck with the citizens and their need for vital water!

It caught one guy under the rubble, and the second was now exposed to close in fire from the two Rifle Hired Hands waiting nearby.

I advanced the Interceptor to keep dropping templates on Outlaws attempting to move into town.

The Deputy strikes again!  BOOM!  Template goodness, taking out snipers.

This group in the center had a very commanding position, and could drop a variety of weapons fire at all angles.

The Dark Council could only stand by and watch as more and more Outlaws were taken down, one by one...

The local Preacher attempted to intercede on behalf of the residents, ordering the Lawmen to end their attack on Wappelville.

It's a very cool element of this game... random citizens that roam around the battlefield!  They really are fun, as they can even get in your way... or provide cover if you are ruthless enough...

This heroic Lawman stood right in the way of Friar Tuck, preventing him from using his shotgun template on my big group in the center.

The Preacher moved to the Interceptor, pleading once again for them to stop the carnage.

But the carnage continued, until only Billy the Kid remained.

Forced from his hiding place, all the Lawmen concentrated their fire, cleaning up the Town of Wappelville once and for all.  Or did they?


  1. "It was necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.". Where have I heard that before?

    1. I like to refer to it as "redecorating" :)

  2. Cool Batrep dude.How are you finding the game overall? A buddy and me have been meeting weekly and converting a mini Johnny5 from the movie Short Circuit. We are nearing the end of the project and are looking at getting a box game for the next project. He's interested in Zombiecide and I'm interested in this. I was hoping you might have some thoughts to give me some arguments to sway him?

    1. Well, there are definitely fewer figures to paint! Just painting the equivalent of one Zombicide box would probably get you two huge posses, or three mid size gangs. There is also a great deal of fun fiction written for this particular universe. Many novels, with more on the way!