Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Got an eye on you

I believe this is a Mierce Miniature.  It's made of resin.  You can see that he is sporting the watchful Eye of Balor.

There will be more Mierce on the way!  Stay tuned :-)


  1. I can't even imagine the strength of this be able to one arm swing a long shafted two bladed battle axe? Wow. That blade end has to be heavier then a sledge hammer.

    Nice proper shield on this model as well.

    Oh wait I'm supposed to mention the paint job. ;)

    I like how the more I practice with the shaded basecoat, the more I see the little hints of color in your metallics and greys, unifying the piece.

    1. I guess he is getting "pumped up" like Aaron Rodgers :-)