Friday, October 31, 2014

Eight is enough?

I'm not quite sure how, but it seems that I forgot to post group shots of all the Wayward Eight together!!

These are a set of mercenaries for Wild West Exodus.  They do a variety of interesting things in the game.

Ladies first!

These gals can fix vehicles, irradiate you, hack you apart or whisper sweet nothings in your ear...

Now for the 'Gents'.

Again, a whole different set of skills!

And yes... the Eight all in one view!

And again.

One last time!  I do hope to get a set of these for myself, and see what these characters can do in our games.


  1. They look great together, thank you for posting the group shot.

  2. They look Great but where is the Preacher-man? Is he off sheparding his flock or has he passed on to the "Special Hell"?

    1. Hehe... no shepard in this set. Yhey were going off the serenity movie, where he wasn't with the crew. :-)