Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bark and Branch strike again!!

Yes, I think you can tell that I have been having a BLAST working with the Tree bark and all the branches that I have "liberated" from the ground. ;-)

This base is destined for a Wild West Exodus underboss Pat Garrett.  Hang 'em high!

And the diamondback rattlesnake will definitely be making many more appearances on my WWX bases.  No doubt.  I'm just glad that I had made a ton of sculpey versions of them.

Two more bases.  The scrub grass on the right hand base is a fantastic material that I purchased years ago and completely forgot about.  I believe the original intent was to use it as thatching on Bronze Age huts.

Now it will serve a major purpose with my Wild West bases.

Those very basic carved sculpey bases with the wood painted.  For something so simple, you can have some really fun results!

The latest set of wooden bases.

I will continue with this theme for the Warrior Nation, although there will be more rocky terrain, more trees and scrub grass.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. :-)


  1. James,
    Did you attach the snake prior to painting the base, or did you paint them separately? It's a nice technique to darker the area around the snake to give it some contrast pop. Nice thing about your glazing...just keep making it darker till it looks right!

    1. He was already attached. That's exactly how the glazing is supposed to work! It also let's me do the 'negative painting' as I do with watercolors... that is to paint the areas around the lighter colors. In effect, painting what's not there. :-)

  2. Nice, did you paint the pattern on the wooden floor, or is it carved out of the sculpty, or both?

    1. It's carved out of sculpey. You can find a number of posts on that in the basing section of the blog :-)