Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sallies and Skinks, oh my!

The Salamander units were another fun set of figures to paint.  As always, I loved to create a lot of color variety in my Lizardman army!

Plus, it was handy to distinguish one Salamander from another, since they had multiple wounds.  And had a tendency to munch on Skink handlers.  Especially if you were me.

I loved making the movement trays as well!

The regular movement trays for standard ranked units could only allow some fiddling around the perimeter.   Here, I could go wild!

Ready to light somebody on fire!

Gathered around a Lizardman Totem

And on green!  I thought this would be fun as well.

Oh yeah, and my scratch sculpted swarms!

I think I made about a dozen of those for one of our special scenarios.

Let's add some Skinks with blowpipes!

Pointy pointy darty darty...


  1. Brilliant job on the painting. Not losing your skills clearly. I love the scratch sculpted Swarms. They not only fit in well, but the detail you've managed to sculpt into them, let alone paint, is brilliant.


    1. Thanks! These were actually done years ago :-)