Sunday, September 14, 2014

More from the Forge

Time to paint some more bases for Mechanicum big guys!  These are also from DragonForge Designs.

If you are familiar with all the other Mechanicum bases, I have tried to keep the same set of colors working on these two.

This means having a balance of reddish, green and even some yellow hues in the stone areas.

In typical Shaded Basecoat fashion, I went a little bit lighter to make 'space' for the later glazes.

To get some color contrast with the stone areas, the metal plating was immediately painted in a blue/gray.

You can see the "light to dark" transitions, especially on the right hand base.  It also contrasts a bit with the light areas on the 'warm' colored stone.  Light against dark.  Creates interest!

Still working lighter, but now putting in some 'warmer' grays... even in the metal areas.

Working lighter still...

A few colors on the wires!

At this point, the Shaded Basecoat phase is nearly complete.

Which means I can toss down some food at the workstation and actually see a play or two of Today's games.  Then it's right back to it, and the glazing/shading.  Stay tuned!!


  1. Well that was... informative. I love the treadplate texture but I'm always at a loss for how to paint it effectively.

    1. I have many articles showing this type of base being painted. You can find them in the basing section of the blog :-)

  2. Always great to see your process James. You really show how to create interest with non uniform shading and colors.

    I know as a beginning painter, it's difficult to break out of the thinking that everything should be uniform and similar, especially when building up. Your posts help break that line of thinking through continuous examples!