Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CHIPS... Lawmen style.

So, we have some finished pictures of the Lawmen Interceptor.

These will be a relatively simple set of colors, as I am trying to get them ready for learning the game.  I will get a bit fancier with the Holy Orders and Warrior Nation figs.

Still, I had a lot of fun with this, and the bases have been a real blast!

These views from above give a good sense of how they it interacts with the miniature.

Let's ride!!!


  1. James,

    I have to say, love your work.

    However, I'm concerned about the lack of updates on your Painting Pyramid Kickstarter.

    I don't know you from Adam. You're a great painter, but that's all I know about you.

    I see you posting every day on your blog, yet no details from your trip to Gencon to talk to CMON in person.

    You have alluded to problems with CMON, but given no details. This means I can't root for you, as I don't know if this is really a CMON problem, or it is a problem where you are blaming CMON, but it is not their fault.

    You have 300+ people who could help lay pressure on CMON, yet due to lack of details, nobody can do that. If CMON is giving such a hard time, why not look at alternative outlets, like MiniatureMentor or Painting Bhudda?

    1. I have had several run ins with CMON since GenCon. I continue to provide them with everything they ask for, and then get nothing back inn response. There is not much I can say, except to ask people to consider the USB option, as I have done several times. I have sent out 220 packages thus far. They in fact had the gall to blame me for the whole mess, even though I have given them everything asked for. You can also ask other people who have had to deal with them in business transactions what it's like, as I have now discovered.

    2. I post to the blog in an attempt to keep the business running and relevant, as we have lost many thousands of dollars on the kickstarter because of this download issue.

    3. On a side note: Is it possible to purchase the videos outside of the kickstarter eventually?

    4. You can send me a message on Facebook Greg at James Wappel :-)

  2. I missed out on the kickstarter (couldn't back) while I was overseas. If you'll take my money directly, I wouldn't mind, but I'd also feel bad for the people who are waiting for the digital release, but I "cut in line," so to speak.

    If they are blaming you for what is going on, I'd suggest giving the backers the email addresses of who you are dealing with, as well as possibly releasing a narrative of "This is what they asked for, this is what they gave." I'm certain that if this started to turn into a PR fiasco for CMON, that they'd get their butt moving.

    1. Unfortunately CoolMini collects negative feedback like Halloween candy. If the second Zombicide ks didn't turn people off for number three, nothing will. :-)

      You can send me a Facebook message if you want to James Wappel.