Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Secret experiment

Continuing with the experimentation, I thought I would try out a variety of 'finishing' techniques on a set of Secret Weapon bases.  The plan is to make some swamp versions, some blood filled versions, and so on.

But before I could do any of that, I had to paint them!

They are very nice to paint.  No mould release, so no scrubbing!!

There is also a nice variety in the set (normally ten, but I had one from somewhere else).

You can get these, and many more bases, from the Secret Weapon website:

I will be using the Secret Weapon water effects for most of the final stages on these.

I even have a few minis I have been painting for them!

It must be fall.. Dave has his first leaf!!!


  1. It's great fun to be looking at misterjustins stuff, and end up magically being linked right back to yours James :).
    Looking forward to your use of water effects. Are you going more gore, or more rot for these guys?

    Sidebar question: When you are laying out paints for your shaded base coats, do you thin or adjust them any with extender/medium/water, or just place them on the palette as is? I noticed your working time seems to be much longer then mine, and didn't know if it was a result of the flow extender or just the type of paints you were using.

    1. I will mix flow improver or water with the paints, but it is the larger brushes and the faster work pace which keeps the paint from drying. :-) Also, I use my finger to blend all the time! Especially for the glazes. I think you have seen that aspect. It's messy, but effective!

    2. Yes I have! It's a very interesting process. The process reminds me a lot of a class I took with painting in college. The professor constantly wanted us to work larger and larger ...because when we worked small, we would obsess over the details.

      Once you went to a larger scale, you were forced to use broader strokes, and more of the emotion and painting energy transferred onto the canvas. Your techniques, and the painterly result of them, reminds me so much of that!

    3. Yes indeed!! It has made miniature painting so much more fun for me. It really helps when you are doing this for so many hours each day. :-) It's like painting a 2D painting on a 3D surface...

    4. Thanks so much again. Hopefully I'll have something worthy of showing off in a few weeks once I retrain myself! You definitely are a production engine of miniatures. Now I at least have some comprehension of how you do it so quickly!

      Are you going to be teaching any classes at adepticon next year?

    5. I won't be doing any classes, but I am hoping to spend a lot of time in the open hobby area that they are trying to work out... plus be at the Wild West Exodus booth painting, as I did at GenCon...