Sunday, September 7, 2014

A family portrait

This is something I never had a chance to do before... take an army-wide portrait of the Knights of the Blood Rose.  I am pretty sure this is the entire army that I took to Bilbo's Bash a few years ago...

Gwahir, some cavalry, a few archers and Stormcallers... and ready to go!

There are a number of battle reports on the testing of the army prior to the tournament.

And some posts on the tournament itself!

Hopefully I will be able to take these guys to another event like that...

The view from above.

It was interesting how much difference just having a few archers made.  Shooting in LOTR was not something I was very enthusiastic about, but there were a few times where they served a vital purpose.

They could reach out and touch some random isolated figure here and there, which not even Gwahir could reach.  You could not count on it, but at least the option was there!


  1. Absolutely stunning unit, great work :)
    Although I'm no big fan of the LotR-range, I like these a lot, bravo!

  2. Thanks! It was certainly nice to have an army that could dish out some paon for a change! ;-)