Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who rode in the boat...

Ok... here we reveal who went cruising around in that raider.  Yes indeed... a batch of Grotesques!

They were supposed to be more of a tank killing unit, where the vehicle would fly up to the rear of an unsuspecting vehicle... have these guys jump out, and hit it with a million attacks.

Since they would probably have the second pain token by then, they would have enhanced strength as well!  The rear armor of just about anything short of a Land Raider would be pretty squishy.

This did work out a few times, but the lack of terrain to hide behind usually spelled doom on turn 1.

I have no idea how the 7th edition rules would effect all this, between the psychic stuff and the altered vehicle damage chart, etc.

At least they look kinda scary hopping out of this!

Now for the other backdrop...

From above, which shows you the matching bases...

I was bummed that none of the combinations I tried to create for this army had any kind of real effectiveness.  Probably another reason for my building dismay with the direction of 40K.


  1. They look amazing, and it's a more pulpy feel than we usually see. I like that patterning on the hull especially, and the landscape suggested by the basing. The pattern really softens the shape and both make things feel much weirder, less like an extension of our world and more something unknowable.

  2. Beautiful work James. It does look like it has stepped out of a Moorcock novel. The ship that sails over land and sea!