Monday, August 25, 2014

Waiting for fall...

With the crazy way these last few weeks of summer have gone, I will certainly take fall... if not winter, over this.

Between many tasks today, a few layers of paint were applied to that base set.  I decided to go with a darker red to contrast the previous marble color.

I also brought out a few weathering powders to tone down some areas and smooth out some textures.

Not quite done with these yet, but I may wait until I have some minis to put on them first.

They were more for testing some things than anything else, but I'm sure I can find some fun Reaper or Dark Sword minis to put on them!

You may not remember that huge batch of Mica texture forest bases, but I had some colors out already for something else, and I wanted to use them up!  This is the benefit of having those million and one simultaneous projects :-)

Painting the Mica is more art than science.  Sometimes the layers don't separate quite as much when you apply them, and you have to "paint in" the leaves a bit more.

This can be done by either painting some darker colors under those 'edges', or doing some brighter highlights along those edges.  I try not to get too crazy with those highlights, as the goal is to enhance the miniature, and not detract from it!


  1. Wow. What I said the other day about the power of the bases is true here too. They're a window into another world, and funnily enough maybe even more than the minis that will go on them, for being less familiar.