Friday, August 8, 2014

The Razor's edge

I have been very eager to take pictures of the Razorwing using the giant backdrops, since I have not gotten any kind of decent pictures of this piece before!

I started with the standard blue fade to get the best sense of the colors.

If you go through the Dark Eldar section of the blog, you will see lots of WIP images of how this was built, painted, and so on!

You have seen the pattern emerge on the Venoms.  I enjoyed doing the pattern more and more with the increasing size of the vehicles.  Wait until you see the Raider. :-)

The organic and curved nature of this plane lent itself to the filbert brush technique quite well.  The broad flat surface covered areas so quickly, I was able to wet blend.  Using the curved edges of the filbert, I could really take advantage of this scenario!

It's too bad this thing spent the entire tournament being shot down on the turn it arrived...

Still, it was a lot of fun painting it!

I forgot just how huge this was when I went to use one of the standard size backdrops.  Even there, it was just to freakin' big!

In those WIP posts, you will also see how I magnetized the missiles, since I had planned on changing the type of missiles depending on what sort of list I was going to run.

I never played these guys again after the tournament.  Way too frustrated with the state of 40k.  It's only been more magnified since.

I have not had a chance to process the images of this Razorwing on the other backdrop, so I will probably do that over the weekend!


  1. That is stunning. The base work is very impressive too.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! There's a whole story behind the base... you can see all that in the Dark Eldar section :-)

  2. These are the type of models that I'd actually feel bad shooting at in a game. I wouldn't want to see them removed from the table because they're so beautiful.

    Such sound tactics. Paint amazing models, make your opponents feel bad for shooting them.

    1. Yes! Must make them feel very bad... very bad...