Saturday, August 2, 2014

The friendly skies

This was my favorite Venom, which belonged to the Archon and army general.  There were Incubus warriors inside.

Some of you might already know that the base was an homage to the "Crashed Plane Sculpture", as we call it, near Midway Airport.

It's an ugly twisted spire of metal, and it looks like the tail section of a recently crashed American Airlines plane.  I had a few tail sections of the nasty Storm Ravens around... so I could not resist!

It looks so different on this nice blue/white fade, as opposed to the sheet of white drawing paper with the smudges on it!

Because of the colors on the base, the Red backdrop works a little better than the previous Venom.  It looks like it about to arrive through the webway!

The green looks really atomic in this view!  So many contrasting colors.

Now for the deep blue.

And to my favorite backdrop for these Dark Eldar vehicles.

I really like how it is neutral to the vast majority of the surfaces.  No color is drowned out, nor is any color too bright.  About as close to neutrality as the blue white fade, but a wee bit more interest.  Thanks again to Hangar 18!!


  1. Andy From BelgiumAugust 2, 2014 at 6:50 PM

    Hello James,

    Great job as usual, I am following your work from several month and I'm really impressed every single post you make, so please keep it up, it's great.

    I would like to know where are your DE captives from. My Archons would like some toy to play with, but I only got the two captives from GW, who already belong to Vect.

    Thanks, and thanks for you works,


    1. Thanks! I can't recall where I got them from... one of the older posts from the army project might say. It's been a while! I will try to find out. :-)

  2. The pattern on the ship and the paintjob overall is stunning! Love it!
    Also I like the last background the most.
    Keep up the awesome work. This is definately one of my favourite blogs!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them! It was quite the army project... many more posts on the Dark Eldar!