Friday, August 29, 2014

The Big Bang Theory

OK!  Let's see what we have now.  While a fourth Castellax is on it's way today, with a 5th right behind it, I wanted to check them out next to the Krios!

The last two walking beasts have different weaponry then these three...

Don't mess with these guys!

And with the Krios.  I've been wanting to see these kind of views, to check out how all the colors are working together.

I was glad to see all the reds in harmony!

It's scary to think that I am working on two more walkers for this army that dwarf all this stuff!

This is a load of Dakka!

And on the other backdrop.

The glow...

Marching to battle.

More later tonight!


  1. Great stuff Jim! Are you working on two Knights or two Thanatars?
    I have a Thanatar, a Castellax, and 12 Thallax on my table at the moment : )


    1. Thanks! :-)

      I think it's the Thantars...

  2. You know we aren't going to truly grasp the awesome of this untill you put a "normal size" 28mm fig in next to them, the three clustered around the weapon platform just makes me lose all sense of the scale :)

    That said, the paintwork is absolutely top notch. and so different to my work that i cant but be boggled by it :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words! The bases are 60mm... these are dreadnought size :-)