Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pillars and Plinths

Remember that last session of sculpey baking?  Time to use it!  My eyes were just too watery from allergies to do the miniature painting I had planned, so I tried to wash them out, take some Sudafed, and do this!

Here are all the freshly baked parts.  Pillars, sheets, and bases.  Some basic carving tools as well.

As you have seen many times before, the piece of sculpey is carved and shaped with a simple wood carving tool.


Cork combination!

And now for one of Mr. Justin's Secret Weapon plinths.  A few of them, actually, starting with the cork.  Secret Weapon has a huge line of plinths, with the widest variety of shapes and sizes you will ever see!

A sheet of sculpey, vaguely shaped to fit.  Don't forget, rocks and gravel will be glued to this in order to stabilize and strengthen it.

I put a few broken pieces directly on the plinth.

The pillar base is placed to leave enough room for the figure. :-)

I used a few different wood carving tools to bevel the edge of that base.

Here's a tight curve tool that finalized the shape.

The pillar in place!

The remaining piece is broken up a bit more and put on the floor next to it.

Texture lines are added to create individual tiles.

This is an even larger plinth.  I wanted to go directly onto the plinth with the sculpey, since I want to have some additional vines and roots go down the sides of this plinth.  That will be done with green stuff.

This was the thickest piece of pillar that I had.  It was the one piece where I scored the lines before baking.

I dropped another broken piece off to the side, held in place by some smaller broken pieces.

With the fine scoring tool, I was able to get some nice subtle cracks carved into the tiles.

The two large plinth side by side with a much smaller 25mm round base.  This is to show that I achieved my goal of being able to have the pillars on all sizes of bases and plinths!!

The collection as it stands now.

A great deal more awaits.  I will be adding green stuff vines, but also some other items pressed with my new Happy Seppuku moulds!!!  Stay tuned!!