Sunday, August 17, 2014

Long awaited group shots!

To say I was eager to take these images would be a massive understatement!

Thanks to the giant Hangar 18 backdrop, the Legions of Pseusenes can at last be shown in their true glory!

The Hierophant on the skeletal steed was a favorite conversion of mine.

I am in the process of making a much bigger horse unit for him.

Some views of chariots, bases and more under construction:

The WIP of the new horse unit:

I am hoping to reshoot the Tomb Complex as well.

More of a "family shot".  The mounted Death Liche is off to the right.

I hope you have enjoyed the renewal of the Tomb Kings!!


  1. Amazeing. Just incredible.
    You should be proud.

  2. Your work really showcases how you can use color and light to accentuate and move the eye through models. I'm always impressed not just by your painting and execution, but your incredible consistency. True mark of talent :).

    1. I really appreciate you noticing that particular obsession of mine :-) To me, it's crucial.. but also the fun challenge!!